Public School Classrooms

Our Family has been a part of the Rock of Ages (Character Under Construction) classes since 2004.  We started by receiving the needed training, gaining the needed support, and helping the Prison Prevention Team up north for one year.  Now for over 6 years we’ve been able to work in the public schools of Lousiana.

The Rock of Ages Prison Prevention is a ministry solely focused on reaching the youth of America, and bringing them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Too many of our young people today are looking in the wrong places for the right answers. Every individual should be well aware of the growing problem with the direction that this next generation is headed. Satan has thrown out so many attractive traps for young people now days, and he will strive to ruin as many lives as he possibly can. We live in a country where absolute morals are being questioned or even rejected, and where teenagers are taught the mentality “If it feels good do it”. This is why, now more than ever, it is time that we take a stand for truth!

Our desire is to see as many young people as possible turn their lives around, and begin to follow God’s guidelines and instructions. We can do this through an unusual opportunity that the Lord has placed before us in the Public Schools of our Nation. Though there are laws that we have to follow, teaching Biblical Character in the public school classroom is easier than some may think. Everything we do in the school classroom is done according to Matthew 10:16b “… be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. For this reason we will be using the Rock of Ages Character Under Construction Program, which is a (4 year) series of lessons designed to Pinpoint and correct character flaws, and instill in the student a knowledge of good, Godly character. Each lesson has been carefully design so Biblical character is taught, yet no laws are broken. It is imperative that we teach the truth, but it is just as equally important that we remain legal while teaching.